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3 April, 2019

Newsletter … Read More.

Correspondence with the council leaders

30 October, 2017

We have recently been in communication with the council leaders regarding the One-Yorkshire Devolution plans, please see below for the Mayor's response to the letter. If you would like to see the Open Letter to which these letters refer then Click Here! - KC             … Read More.

Open Letter to the Prime Minister

23 October, 2017

Below you will find a letter we recently sent to the Prime Minister regarding Yorkshire Day, the power of our history, our unique culture and identity, and most importantly, our right to self-determination. I have also included below it the response to that letter, so you can see what your taxes are paying for and how much your rights mean to parliament. I'm biased, so I… Read More.

Manifestos on Devolution

18 May, 2017

With the current political hype in the run up to the election, we at the Yorkshire Devolution Movement believe you have a right to know about the suggestions these politicians are making, and what it may mean for Yorkshire, or Devolution as a whole. As such we have decided to provide you with information regarding the pertinent information within the major parties manifestos… Read More.

Yorkshire Calling for Devolution

6 February, 2017

In view of the recent call by Greg Mulholland, MP for Leeds West (, for a cross-party meeting on Yorkshire devolution where he argues the case against City Regions and for Yorkshire to be devolved as a single county region with a Yorkshire… Read More.

Devolution in the Press

7 December, 2016

There have been several articles in the press recently on devolution for Yorkshire, some of which have played a blame game regarding who may or may not be at fault for Yorkshire not having achieved either a Greater Yorkshire Devolution Deal or deals around some of the so-called city regions. To my knowledge, none of these articles has fully explained the pros and cons (advantag… Read More.

Members Newsletter

5 December, 2016

From the Chair: With the post referendum turbulence, the on-going crisis in the middle-east and the presidential elections in the USA dominating the news, one could be forgiven for thinking that nothing much has happened on the question of Yorkshire devolution.  However, quite the opposite is the case.  For some time the media has been telling us of constant bic… Read More.

Report on Findings of 'Fly the Flag' Campaign

1 December, 2016

Beginning in July this year we repeated a campaign that we ran in 2013 to find how patriotic Yorkshire's civic councils are toward the traditional county of Yorkshire.  We contacted all the local authorities administering areas wholly in Yorkshire and the Town and Parish councils of those parts of Yorkshire currently administered by non-Yorkshire authorities to find wh… Read More.

Public must lead the way to devolution

21 September, 2016

Following on from our opinion survey, the following article by Nigel Sollitt (YDM Chairman) appeared in today's Yorkshire Post. Following the Scottish referendum of 2014, one Yorkshire MP commented the “devolution genie is out of the bottle now”. It was clear that there was no going back on the issue of delivering increased powers, not only north of the borde… Read More.

Media Release

21 September, 2016

Following on from the opinion survey we recently conducted the media release below was issued today. Media Release Yorkshire Devolution Movement 13th September 2016 Contact: Nigel Sollitt 07948 131363 Yorkshire people feel 'uninformed' about devolution plans According to survey commissioned by the Yorkshire Devolution Movement, the considerable majori… Read More.

YDM Opinion Survey on Devolution Proposals

21 September, 2016

The Yorkshire Devolution Movement recently commissioned a survey to try to ascertain the level of awareness that people have of the current devolution proposals and their preferences, if any, for the forms of devolution that could be available. The survey was carried out on our behalf in early August by Survation Ltd with the financial support of a grant from the Joseph Rowntre… Read More.

Fifth Home Nation

20 September, 2016

An idea is being circulated that Yorkshire should be given Home Nation status. The argument goes that this would cement Yorkshire’s position as a separate regional entity in its own right, solve any border questions and advance the county’s (country’s?) claim for regional government, given that all the other Home Nations already have some kind of devolved admi… Read More.

Defence Delusions

19 September, 2016

In an article which appeared in Saturday’s (17 September) Financial Times a retired general, Sir Richard Barrons formerly the head of Joint Forces Command, evidently stated in a memo to defence minister Michael Fallon that the armed forces could not defend Britain against a serious military attack; had no military plan to defend the UK in a conventional conflict; that a R… Read More.

What would it mean if we had a devolved parliament in Yorkshire?

14 September, 2016

I noticed the above question in a circular the other day so I thought I would try to answer it. The question sounds simple enough but the answer is anything but. There are so many variables involved. How would the parliament be constituted? What powers would it have? How would its activities be financed? What would be its political make up? In order to answer this question, I w… Read More.

Members Newsletter

1 August, 2016

From the Chair. With Yorkshire Day fast approaching this is a good time to recap on our activities since our last newsletter: To mark Yorkshire Day, on 1st August, we have recently contacted all the local councils within the Traditional County of Yorkshire to ask whether they fly the White Rose from public buildings.  We reminded them that as The Local Government Act… Read More.

Northern Powerhouse : Quick Wins!

29 July, 2016

So far the Northern Powerhouse is more concept than reality. It has produced plans about plans as far as the North’s transport infrastructure is concerned and has provided some devolved funding for growth and other projects. The concept has its detractors who claim that it is more smoke and mirrors than actual tangible help for northern economies. They may have a point. M… Read More.

Yorkshire Day

28 July, 2016

As if you needed reminding, Monday August 1st is Yorkshire Day, the day to celebrate all things Yorkshire including the integrity of the county. This year’s host for the civic celebrations is Halifax. Civic dignitaries from all over Yorkshire will parade through the streets led by a brass band. Many other events, far too many to list here, are planned throughout the count… Read More.

Notice of Annual General Meeting

23 July, 2016

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Yorkshire Devolution Movement will be held at our York Hub offices at 2.00pm on Tuesday 23rd August. Members and registered supporters are invited to attend though only fully paid up members will be entitled to vote. It would be helpful if members and registered supporters could let us know by email if it is their in… Read More.

The EU Referendum : The Way Forward

5 July, 2016

The following article was written by one of our colleagues over at Yorkshire First, Diana Wallis, in response to the EU referendum result. We think it puts the EU referendum in context. We found it useful and we hope you do too. Richard Honnoraty Treasurer YDM   We need to begin to pick ourselves up and think what next in a fast developing and rather chaotic pos… Read More.

Raising the Yorkshire profile

4 July, 2016

The last few months have been quite an interesting time for devolution. In Yorkshire we have had three significant devolution deals signed off, Tees Valley, Greater Manchester (yes a considerable area of eastern Greater Manchester is in Yorkshire) and Sheffield City Region. The devolution deals involved give their respective regions freedom to spend funds allocated to various a… Read More.

Trust me! Brexit is not going to happen.

1 July, 2016

Let me start by saying that the YDM is ambivalent towards the European Union. They have provided Yorkshire with considerable, much needed development funding over the years but, like everyone else in the EU, we have had to put up with their, sometimes seemingly, strange and inflexible regulations and their aloof and often infuriating Brussels bureaucrats. On balance, Yorkshire … Read More.

Yorkshire's voice has to be heard on Brexit

28 June, 2016

The following press release was issued today by Yorkshire First. The YDM endorses the sentiments expressed. We believe that Yorkshire should not lose out now that the decision has been made to leave the European Union. We will continue our campaign for a voice for Yorkshire and we firmly believe that the voice we require is a Yorkshire Parliament. (See also One Voice for Yorksh… Read More.

Election Implications

8 May, 2016

It is difficult to understand any implications that the recent local government elections might have for the devolution movement here in Yorkshire as attitudes to regional devolution seem to depend on the individual involved rather than the party he or she may belong to. This certainly seems to be the case for the two major parties though the Conservatives seem to be more incli… Read More.

Yorkshire Needs a Parliament

2 May, 2016

I think it is now a generally accepted fact that Yorkshire has roughly the same population as Scotland and twice the GDP of Wales and yet the powers of neither. In the three years or so since the YDM was founded the devolution debate has evolved and now the government is convinced that allowing some spending decisions to be made locally makes better sense than having all these … Read More.

Members Newletter

18 April, 2016

The latest edition of the Members Newsletter is now available to download. Please go to the related downloads area of the News Section. … Read More.

Devolution Dealing

17 March, 2016

Current devolution deals may be less than ideal from the YDM perspective. They offer limited powers and even more limited funding. In addition, they fall short of our ultimate ambition of a parliament for Yorkshire. However, some potential deals may offer significant opportunities. If you study the Leeds City Region Asks, then the economic potential of a Leeds City Region deal … Read More.

We have a mandate from the people!

7 November, 2015

How many times have we heard that from the government? Yet, did the 2015 general election really give anybody much of a mandate? The Conservative Party gained 11,300,109 votes. This gave them 330 seats, which provides them with a comfortable majority in the House of Commons so they have a mandate to run the country. Yet they only received 36.8%of the vote. Labour received 9,347… Read More.

Devolution : Odds On Failure!

4 November, 2015

I suppose its a bit premature to be writing about why the current devolution proposals failed when we haven't seen most of the settlements yet but the omens are not good. Devolution for me is about so much more than economics. It has to be about better transport, better healthcare, better schools, better policing, better job opportunities; in fact, better public services in… Read More.

Treasury Response to YDM Proposals on Devolution

28 October, 2015

When is a response not a response? When its from the Treasury! Below is the text of the response we received from the Teasury to our submission on the current "devolution" proposals. 19 October 2015 Dear Mr Sollitt RE: BIDS FOR DEVOLUTION IN YORKSHIRE Thank you for your correspondence dated 29 September to the Commercial Secretary regarding devolution, and… Read More.

YDM Submission to the Treasury on Devolution Proposals

30 September, 2015

The following is the executive summary of a submission on the current devolution proposals which was sent to the Treasury on 30th September 2015. We fully support the ambition of the Government to create a 'Northern Powerhouse' and acknowledge its intention to achieve this by devolving powers to authorities adopting an elected mayor. Our particular interest is how su… Read More.

Yorkshire Conversation : The Catalan Effect

30 September, 2015

Will the results of Catalonia's regional elections prompt a reappraisal of the need for a Yorkshire Conversation? Of course not!! But maybe they should. There has been no real public consultation on the new local government proposals and it looks as though metro mayors will be adopted by those areas that accept the pitiful levels of devolution on offer despite the fact that… Read More.