MENU Unleashing Yorkshire’s Potential Through Devolution

Current Executive Committee

The current YDM leadership committee is made up of four people, this will be expanded as YDM grows and we can further specialise each role.

Nigel Sollitt - Chairman

My name is Nigel Sollitt but those of you on facebook or twitter may know me as Yorkshire Nige. I was born in 1959 just outside the city of York in the traditional East Riding of Yorkshire and I lived and went to school in the city itself.

Unfortunately, my father’s work took me away from Yorkshire several times during my formative years and even more unfortunately, the way I spoke became influenced by alien accents as far apart as central Africa and the south of England. This became a matter of great upset for me but I always remember some words my dad said to me when I explained to him how I felt about this. He said, “Son, it’s not the accent that comes out of you that makes you a Yorkshireman, it’s the passion, belief and sense of identity that stays inside you!” Those words swelled a pride within me that has never waned.

It is that pride in God’s Own Country that has driven me to speak out for the integrity of Yorkshire, the identity of the Yorkshire people and their rights to self-determination through devolution. In doing so, I came across others who share my visions of a Yorkshire comprising all parts within her traditional boundaries, a Yorkshire people recognized as exactly that and a Yorkshire empowered to make her own decisions and determine her own destiny.

Together, we have founded a movement that actively campaigns to achieve those visions; a movement that is rapidly becoming a household name in Yorkshire through the attention of newspapers, radio and television; and a movement that has grown beyond expectation since it was officially founded as recently as 2nd March 2013. That movement is the Yorkshire Devolution Movement and I consider my election as its first Chairman to be the greatest honour.

Martin G. Clayton - Vice Chairman

Keith Clayton - Executive Committee Member