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Yorkshire Day

28 July, 2016

As if you needed reminding, Monday August 1st is Yorkshire Day, the day to celebrate all things Yorkshire including the integrity of the county. This year’s host for the civic celebrations is Halifax. Civic dignitaries from all over Yorkshire will parade through the streets led by a brass band. Many other events, far too many to list here, are planned throughout the county.

The YDM will be using the day to launch the latest iteration of our campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament, “A Voice for Yorkshire”.

Have a good Yorkshire Day from the YDM Team.



'David MacGregor' said on 27 May, 2018
What justification dose parliament have for the difference between funding for infrastructure in London and Yorkshire.Perhaps we need to elect politicians from the arias they are supposed to represent
'steven wood' said on 1 August, 2016
I was born in Dewsbury and I will never understand why Yorkshire is not seen as one county council not 4 councils. surely with 5 million people living here we should see not only see a assembly of elected MPs serving Yorkshire as one county but the power to choose our way forward on all matters from health,law,education,trade, housing and benefits surely now our tax payers money should stay in Yorkshire too open the door of opportunity to all of us living here for far too long the Westminster elite have openly ignored Yorkshire and held it back lets take our Yorkshire forward without the Westminster ball n chain we deserve to live in a Yorkshire that rewards hard work and gives the next generations the future we delivered.

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