MENU Unleashing Yorkshire’s Potential Through Devolution

Fifth Home Nation

20 September, 2016

An idea is being circulated that Yorkshire should be given Home Nation status. The argument goes that this would cement Yorkshire’s position as a separate regional entity in its own right, solve any border questions and advance the county’s (country’s?) claim for regional government, given that all the other Home Nations already have some kind of devolved administration. The traditional English border could be “slightly” amended to exclude traditional Yorkshire. This change would be for governmental purposes only and Yorkshire folk would still be able to consider themselves English for ceremonial and sporting purposes. Evidently “English” local councils providing services for “isolated” Yorkshire regions could be accommodated by means of service level agreements.

My initial thought was, is it 1st April? On reflection, however, some of it makes sense. It could be a means of securing Yorkshire’s position as a defined regional entity as well as a traditional county and may be a way of forcing the pace as far as devolution is concerned. On the other hand, is it a step too far? It is certainly not YDM policy though there may be nothing in our Constitution to prevent the YDM from campaigning for Yorkshire to become a Home Nation. I think I would prefer special regional status within England. What do you think? Does this idea have merit or is it simply a distraction?



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