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Treasury Response to YDM Proposals on Devolution

28 October, 2015

When is a response not a response? When its from the Treasury! Below is the text of the response we received from the Teasury to our submission on the current "devolution" proposals.

19 October 2015

Dear Mr Sollitt


Thank you for your correspondence dated 29 September to the Commercial Secretary regarding devolution, and the accompanying submission on behalf of the Yorkshire Devolution Movement. As it is not practical for Ministers to respond to all the letters they receive, I have been asked to reply on their behalf.

I am grateful for your input on the geographical arrangements for future devolution deals affecting Yorkshire.

The Government shares your view that greater devolution will help to create a more balanced economy, maximize productivity and reduce the deficit. Yorkshire is at the heart of our vision for the Northern Powerhouse, as evidenced by the ground-breaking devolution deal conducted with the Sheffield City Region earlier this month.

I realise that your preferred geographical arrangement was a single devolution deal encompassing the whole of the traditional county of Yorkshire. I am sure you understand that the conclusion of the Sheffield City Region deal means that this is no longer feasible.

However, we have always been clear that devolution arrangements will be locally driven and not dictated by central Government. The Commercial Secretary hope to meet with local leaders from the remaining Yorkshire authorities in the coming weeks to facilitate discussion and to try to help them work through outstanding geographical issues. It is crucial that local elected representatives, with a mandate from the people of Yorkshire, are the key players in driving this process forward.

Thank you for taking the trouble of making us aware of your concerns.

Yours sincerely,

L Adams
Public Services
HM Treasury


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