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Manifestos on Devolution

18 May, 2017

With the current political hype in the run up to the election, we at the Yorkshire Devolution Movement believe you have a right to know about the suggestions these politicians are making, and what it may mean for Yorkshire, or Devolution as a whole.

As such we have decided to provide you with information regarding the pertinent information within the major parties manifestos and the consequences, both good and bad for Yorkshire and it's governance. I am as of completing this news article uploading the first of these documents, one that discusses what Labour is proposing to do should it win the forthcoming election. Keep an eye out for more as the other parties manifestos are released and scrutinized over, I'll try to keep you informed of when we release these documents, and post them below.

You can find the reports below:

Labour, Liberal Democrats, Conservative, Yorkshire Party, Green Party, UKIP

If you're short of time or would like a conclusive statement, please see the Summary, hopefully this information will be of use for your decision on June the 8th.




'Alisdair McGregor' said on 23 May, 2017
You're reading the LibDem part badly out of context; the English votes for English laws stuff is a stop gap measure for the current situation, whereas the Yorkshire Parliament would be exactly equivalent to Scotland and hence move outside EVFEL.

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