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Correspondence with the council leaders

30 October, 2017

We have recently been in communication with the council leaders regarding the One-Yorkshire Devolution plans, please see below for the Mayor's response to the letter. If you would like to see the Open Letter to which these letters refer then Click Here! - KC









'J C Schofield - Ilkley' said on 30 October, 2017
My company has active business interests, mostly in Yorkshire, but to a smaller extent in North Norfolk and London. Generally I find it more and more difficult to access these areas due to a lack of central government investment in transport (highways and railways) and a pool of suitable employees. I am dedicated to the deployment of more, if not total, abilities for decisions concerning the North to be made in the North where we, as active and local residents and business people, are able to make our own decisions as to where infrastructure budgets should be targeted. I will be willing to sign up to anything in support of this issue. I am

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