MENU Unleashing Yorkshire’s Potential Through Devolution

Support Us

There are many ways you can support the YDM, probably the most effective is to join the movement. Subscriptions start from £10 per annum. Please see the “Join Us” page. Joining allows you to participate more closely in the campaign and enables you to influence the direction of the YDM. If you do not wish to join the YDM, you can still support us by donating to our campaign fund. As the YDM does not have any large sponsors, we can maintain an independent pro-Yorkshire position but this also means that we are dependent on our members and supporters for all our financial requirements. We can always use extra support. Please see the “Donate to our Campaign Fund” page.

Other ways to support the YDM are to write articles with a Yorkshire devolution flavour for the media and our own blog; to lobby politicians to ensure that Yorkshire gets a better deal; to ensure that the topic is kept alive in the media; to join in our campaigns; to support those political parties that share our aims; and to keep the discussion relevant and informed.

We will achieve a Yorkshire administration at some stage but the more support we get now, the sooner it is likely to happen and the sooner the region will be able to reap the rewards.