MENU Unleashing Yorkshire’s Potential Through Devolution

Sustainable Economy

Yorkshire needs a successful, sustainable economy to assure prosperity now and in the future. The ultimate aim is to ensure that the region is self-financing and can afford to pay for all the services it needs but due to a lack of investment this aim is some way from being achieved.

The Yorkshire Devolution Movement believes that we need to find the resources necessary to invest in a world class infrastructure for the region. We need excellent transport links and communications facilities to support the region’s businesses and also to attract new enterprises to the region. Along with these we need energy security, which should come at a reasonable price, affordable housing close to workplaces, excellent healthcare and education facilities, reliable and reasonably priced utilities, and excellent retail and entertainment facilities. All of these things are necessary to make Yorkshire a desirable place to do business and a desirable place in which to live and work.

We would like to see Yorkshire as the “go to” place to do business in the UK if not within Europe as a whole. To do this we will also need sound, consistent and coherent business policies which support enterprises. We are not suggesting subsidising business but we believe that no business within the region should be disadvantaged by national or regional policies, subject to these being in accordance with appropriate health and safety regulations, relevant international standards and laid down standards of remuneration.

We need to create a business environment which will support enterprises now and in the future. Over time some industries will decline but we must try to ensure that these changes are anticipated so that steps can be taken to minimize any adverse effects. We should aim to create a balanced economy but this will not be easy especially in areas dominated by one industry which may be subject to adverse market forces. A further challenge comes in the form of technological unemployment which could overwhelm the economy of the country as a whole unless we anticipate it and take action to address the issues before they become problems. We must also ensure that economic activity is sustainable and does not damage the environment because unsustainable economic activity could potentially cause lasting environmental damage which could result in future health issues, deprivation and poverty.

The YDM believes that a regional administration would be best placed to support business and take a proactive economic role whilst ensuring that the environment is safeguarded and sustainable, equitable prosperity is achieved.