MENU Unleashing Yorkshire’s Potential Through Devolution

What We Do

The primary focus of the Yorkshire Devolution Movement is to campaign for a Yorkshire administration, overseen by a Yorkshire parliament directly elected by the people, responsible for those services which would be best provided at the regional level. This administration would acquire its powers from various sources:- Whitehall, quangos, other existing public bodies and local authorities.

As a campaigning organisation most of our work involves putting our case before politicians, other stakeholders but primarily ordinary people who are the primary stakeholders and make up most of our target audience. Our work involves presenting our case to the media; writing to MPs, Ministers and local councillors; putting articles on our websites; and running our social media platforms. In addition to this we carry out a great deal of research and analysis to ensure that our arguments are backed up by factual data.

We are a self-financing organisation relying on membership subscriptions and donations. We do not have any large backers and, therefore, we are not influenced by vested interests. All are staff work on a voluntary basis and receive no remuneration. Finding enough volunteers and securing sufficient finance to continue our work at the level we would like is a constant challenge. Volunteers also staff our administration and support functions.

 As a company limited by guarantee, we are obliged to publish an annual report. This not only provides details of our financial performance but also lists our achievements over the past year. Our latest annual report is attached below.


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