MENU Unleashing Yorkshire’s Potential Through Devolution

What We Want


The aims of the Yorkshire Devolution Movement are:

  1. One voice for Yorkshire!

  2. The boundary of the traditional county of Yorkshire to be reinstated as the administrative boundary of Yorkshire.

  3. The traditional county of Yorkshire to be represented as an integral devolved entity at UK regional level.

  4. The devolved entity of Yorkshire to be represented by a Yorkshire Parliament, directly elected by the Yorkshire people on the basis of Single Transferable Vote (STV).

  5. Yorkshire to enjoy powers at least equal to those enjoyed by any other devolved entity within the UK and increasing to full devo-max by 2030.

  6. The benefit of devolved powers to be enjoyed at local levels within Yorkshire through appropriate subsidiarity to allow decisions to be made at the least centralised level capable of addressing the issue.

  7. To create a sustainable and successful economy for Yorkshire which will provide lasting prosperity for the Yorkshire people.